You cannot get ye axe

Experimenting with google app engine, and using it to make a game.

The idea is to use this space as a devblog, and track the game through it’s life-cycle. Judging from my previous gaming attempts, this life-cycle will be extremely short.
Here’s the idea:
scribbly ye axe

It’s sort of like the slow-form simple strategy (and backstabbing) of  Neptune’s Pride

Neptune’s Pride

plus the dungeons and random potions and scrolls of nethack


plus multi-player tactical gameplay ala shining force, or x-com, or GnomeSquad?? (just throwing it out there!)

Shining Force 2

plus the asynchronous nature of mobile games like wordfeud


Plus… oh hey did I mention the backstabbing? Anyways, that’s it for now. Hopefully this spot will show the game as it progresses from “back of a letter scribble” to “hey this is a cool game you can actually play”. Wish me luck.