New home

The you and what army devblog continues here on tumblr.

Expect more short form updates as the game goes from crappy pre-alpha to less-crappy beta. Also, a playable version soon, so drop a line if you are hard core enough to be an alpha tester.

Also if somehow an amazing 8-bit artist is reading this and wants to help that’d be great. I even might have some money to spend.

Even More Progress

This is how development of this game has gone:

1. Start designing game element X (Google App Engine, Javascript, CSS, etc)
2. Oh crap.. I don’t know as much about X as I thought!
3. Learn lots about X
4. Code some more
5. Find a new X… repeat


So, javascript is more of a bitch to learn than I thought, but I’ve made a ton of progress on the back-end and ‘guts’ of the game engine. See also: gridmangler.js.

Unfortunately, as you can see… it still looks like shit! 🙂
But… slightly better than it did before!