AARL Update

Unfortunately, a family emergency has put the final nail in the coffin for AarrrRL participating in the first-ever Annual Roguelike Release Party. With the “deadline” looming, I can’t very well release AarrrRL and call it a complete game. It is much more feature-complete than the 7DRL version, and there are a lot of (what I think are) fun “piratey” features, it simply needs more work.

I’ll be releasing a playable beta version in the fall for anyone who is interested in helping me test. Good luck to all of the other AARP participants! I think the Deadline really did help push me towards the finish line — it really does help sharpen your focus and forces you to work down paths that lead to playability and keeps you from delving into never-ending feature “rabbit holes”!

Anyone want to team up for a “Fall Release Party”? 🙂


AarrrRL Snapshots

Ship at sea (watch out for that Kraken)

One of my favorite features so far is being able to visit the deck of your own ship. Makes for a fun & strategically useful “moveable stash” level.

The bad guys put up a fight now. The optimal strategy is to carry as many loaded pistols as possible to the other ship; reloading weapons becomes a time-consuming and dangerous process when enemies are around.