New Year New Blog

After changing web hosts, I decided to take the plunge and finally replace my old blogger site. The new blog is powered by Ghost. I managed to (mostly) import all of the old content over.. although there are a few dead image links in the ancient archives.

I have Warning Call back online. HeavyAxe and some of the older ones are up as well. (Check the 'games' link)

Dungeon Dual will require a lot of work to get back online. Might be a good project to revisit for the upcoming 2021 7-day roguelike challenge.

In any case, if you are still reading this blog, hooray! I plan on continuing to develop Warning Call this year and would love some playtesters. Drop me a line: if you're interested.

You are getting ye axe...

So this game is shaping up not in the way I intended (neptune’s pride + nethack + wordfeud) but I am really enjoying the new concept. More on that later.

For now, here is google app engine in action:

 ‘carlosthedwarf’ has created a new game
(playing as the evil horde*)

Other players can see available games and join them
‘joeyblogs’ is going up against our friend carlos.
Don’t ask me what a Mangler is.
So… there you go. Progress! Just in case someone has this blog set up in a dusty corner of their RSS reader. If I had a nickle for every game development blog that stops updating less than half-way through the project I would be a THOUSANDAIRE!
Moral of the story: if you are lurking, say hi! 
* I’m thinking more these guys than these guys.

Why I Love Nethack

My current game is a great example of why I love nethack. I am playing a healer and I have had really horrible luck with pets dying. What I needed was something… more powerful. Something that could eat those pesky shopkeepers and cross-aligned priests so that I can convert their stupid altars. 
Luckily, I found a polymorph trap. Since I don’t yet have magic resistance this was a lucky find (last time I literally stumbled into it and turned into a queen bee for about 600 turns). As I have yet to find a magic whistle, leash, or any way of controlling my pet, I constructed a rather useful fort of boulders…

The greatest part? This was after only my first try.

First steps towards ye axe

Google app engine is fun.
JavaScript… not so much.

Here’s what ‘get ye axe’ looks like so far. I’m trying to use the HTML5 canvas element for the front-end since I have no desire to learn flash.

Keep looking…

Not much to look at yet but actually further than I thought I would be at this point. The idea is that a lot of the path-finding and dungeon generation and field of view code that I made for AarrrRL and GnomeSquad will carry over quite easily to the new game. It’s all in python!

7DRL 2011 Reviews - "PM" the RL

PM:theRL has a weird name. And a weird plot. But pretty soon after you start playing it, you figure out what is going on.

Look familiar? 

Needless to say, PM the RL is a roguelike version of a certain classic arcade game. It is short and to the point. I actually had a lot of fun playing this game. It is pretty nerve-wracking to not be able to see the enemy ghosts at all times. You never know when you are going to turn a corner and run into one of them. Then again, the turn-based nature of roguelikes makes avoiding the ghosts somewhat easier. It’s also pretty excruciating in that often you can KNOW beforehand that you are screwed: e.g. if you are trapped in a corridor with two ghosts and can see that one of them will get to you in less than the number of steps you need to take to get to a side-corridor.

But that is the kind of excruciating that is fun! (Roguelikes might be the only genre where this is an acceptable statement.)

I also like that the author included the right-to-left-side level teleport as in the original game; that was a nice touch.


PM:theRL is an experimental take on a classic game. In this case, the experiment is a success. Short, fun, and mildly terrifying.

You can find a list of all 7DR L2011 finishers on roguebasin or temple of the roguelike.