Version 0.55 - Tutorials and More

I’ve put the latest version (0.55) of Warning Call here.

The bulk of my time has been spent building a tutorial level. It’s not done yet, but it’s accessible from the start menu. More to come here – I’ve never written a tutorial before so it’s an interesting challenge. All of the feedback I’ve gotten from the kind devs on r/roguelikedev has been helpful in seeing the game in a different light.

Major changes from the last version include:

  • Removed Targetbots (t) from the first level
  • Fixed bug where Empowering and Ammo-generating nanites would not allow power usages if you had zero charges.
  • Enforcing same hotkey press for powers & confirming target. This makes it easy to double-tap a hotkey when targeting quickly. This also allows you to return the Axe using the same key that you threw it with. (pro-tip: you can have more than 1 Axe power installed at once!)
  • Made sure Warp Beacons cannot be trapped behind impassable terrain
  • Gridbots (x) no longer get stuck in the wall when they explode out of a Xenobot (X)
  • Put the Power menu as the first line of the footer
  • Added the SEED # to the header (mostly for help in bug reporting, but eventually for game-sharing)
  • Spread out the guaranteed powers on the first level – the starting room was way too cluttered
  • Fixed mysterious game-crashing bug with ’empty’ nanites spawning on the ground in deeper levels
Feel free to post comments, bugs, and feedback below, or on the reddit link above. Or e-mail me: todd AT (this domain).

Latest Version of Warning Call (aka Hardpointe) online

The latest version (0.5) of Warning Call is here. (I changed the name from Hardpointe, but the game is the same). If you have commentary leave it on reddit here.

A full list of changes since the last playable version is below. Thanks, and enjoy!

From 0.5:

  • On-screen radial menu replaces ‘ambiguous input’ menu:
    • Makes it simple to double-tap space to wait when standing on wreckage
    • Can no longer escape out of radial menu
  • Interface updates:
    • Warp Beacons and Airlocks are highlighted when not in view
    • Significantly expanded HELP content
    • Better item and power descriptions all around
    • Cycle between enemies while targeting with ‘e’
    • Inventory is sorted more usefully
    • Power install menu has better shortcuts (allows player to quickly tap SPACE + # to install a power into a given slot)
    • Grenande targeting shows area of effect
  • 3 new nanotech types (found as items and on the grid): 
    • Recharging nanotech (temporarily makes all power uses ‘free’)
    • Reloading nanotech (temporarily makes all weapon uses ‘free’)
    • Strengthening nanotech (temporarily adds the HULK effect and +1 melee damage)
  • New enemies:
    • Gridbot (1-hp enemies that always appear in pairs)
    • Xenobot (explodes into gridbots when destroyed)
    • Megadrone (constructs mini-drones out of nearby scrap)
    • Protectobot (casts shields onto nearby allies)
    • Interdictor (able to see cloaked targets and use a displacement field to cancel PHASEWALK and CLOAK effects)
  • Ability to ‘sacrifice’ Warp Crystals to double SCORE
  • Enemies take damage when falling through chasms
  • Different icon for weapon powers vs. ability-based powers
  • Better distribution of grenades, powers, and nanotech items 
  • More wreckage distributed across levels
  • HACK effect is now temporary, and scales with power level
  • PHASEWALK is now more liberal when calculating if a ranged attack goes through you and hits a nearby enemy

From 0.35 and 0.4:

  • Power level is now tied to how long (or far) powers last 
  • Lowered the base duration of most power effects (but they now scale with level)
  • Warp beacon menu improved and text made more helpful
  • new HULK power that temporarily adds +1 to melee attacks