New Site - Old Games Back Up

I finally uploaded my redesign of and have started restoring some of my older games. First up are roguelikes from the 2012 and 2015 7-Day roguelike challenges, all browser-based and utilizing the amazing rot.js library.


RoboCaptain specializes in ranged combat and power-management similar the old X-Wing games. Looking back at it now it is pretty rough, but also very complete and still fun, which is saying something.

Heavy Axe

Heavy Axe is a small-scale classic roguelike featuring extremely tactical combat. Journey through the temple to slay the gods themselves, using a massively heavy axe. Moving with the Axe drains stamina, and stamina determines damage, so moves must be planned carefully to avoid running into an unkillable foe.

 Next up will be Dungeon Dual. This one is a bit trickier since I need to get the co-op engine running again as well as a django server that powered the leaderboard and login process.

Let me know if you run into any trouble playing either game.