How to Play Dungeon Dual

My successful 2014 7-Day Roguelike entry is Dungeon Dual!

You can read some of the unexciting progress here on

So, now that I’ve had a few hours to recover, here is

How to Play Dungeon Dual


You can play with a friend! This is accomplished through the wonderful magic of WebSockets. You don’t need to play with a friend, but you may want to.

After you start a game, you can send the URL to your friend. It will also show up on the main page until someone joins.

Each game is totally asynchronous, which means you don’t have to wait up for the other player. This is one thing I hate about other attempts at “multiplayer” roguelikes. In Dungeon Dual, the classic turn-based roguelike mechanic is unbroken.

However, if you have an ally certain tactics are available:

  • You will regain stamina faster
  • You can trade items
  • You can chat and share knowledge of items/levels (e.g. “hey don’t drink this one, it’s poison”)
  • Certain abilities can be used cross-realms:
    • The Apprentice can shoot fireballs and cast entanglement onto the other screen, affecting your ally’s enemies (hopefully you don’t set your friend on fire in the process)
    • The Apprentice can banish monsters to the other screen
    • The Squire can use Warcry and Defend on the other screen to aid his ally
These features will only be possible when you and your ally are “in sync”. This is determined by a fuzzy algorithm that takes into account both spacial distance (how far away are you on the grid of the same dungeon level) and time, which is determined by turn count. The game will try to help you out and give hints when you are out of sync such as “Hurry” or “Wait” or “Change levels”.
From a technical perspective, the WebSockets server needs to be running for co-op to work. It runs on my webhost, but seems to die every now and then. If you notice it is offline, try to reach me via e-mail, over IRC on #rgrd, or via twitter. Server status is displayed on the main page

Basic Mechanics

There are two stats in the game: Health and Stamina.


Stamina is used to cast spells and abilities. It recharges over time, but not if you are in combat or are poisoned. Flasks of Vigor will instantly refresh your stamina and increase your maximum by 1. Stamina also scales damage of certain spells like fireball and forcebolt.
Stamina is also used up when you take damage in combat. Be sure not to take on too many enemies at once or you will not be able to recover!


Lose all of your health and you are dead. Once your stamina is gone, any damage will go directly to your health. Health does not recover naturally, but can be restored using Flasks of Health. Flasks of Health will also increase your maximum health by 1. 


Both classes have unique abilities. You can quickly toggle them using the 1-5 number keys. You can also access them from the ‘z’ menu. Abilities are activated by pointing and clicking with the mouse. Clicking on your ally’s screen will use the ability on their screen instead.

Apprentice ability. Engulfs a 3×3 grid of enemies (and potentially you) in a ball of fire. Damage scales with maximum stamina. Can be used with allies.
Apprentice ability. Stuns a 3×3 grid of enemies for a short period of time. Can be used with allies.
Apprentice ability. Casts a powerful bolt of force at a single target, with damage scaling with maximum stamina.
Apprentice ability. Sends a single enemy across the realms for your ally to deal with. It might be a good idea to warn him or her in advance!
Squire ability. Enables you to dash across the screen and attack an enemy in a single turn, as long as they are at least 1 square away. This is great for hunting down pesky archers and spell-throwers.
Squire ability. Unleashes a terrible roar that scares all enemies in sight, causing them to flee for a short period. Great for clearing a room or cornering a troublesome enemy. Can also be used with allies.
Squire ability. Temporarily boosts your (or your ally’s) defense, protecting you against damage. Can also be used with allies.


You will find a few (six? seven? I forget) types of potions (or “ye flask” as I call them) scattered across the dungeons. Some are bad, most are good. In standard roguelike fashion, you will not know what they are until you try them for the first time.
Also known as flasks of stamina, these will refill your stamina and also boost your maximum by 1. You will almost always find a flask of vigor or health on each level.
These flasks are critical to survival in the dungeons. They will refill your health and also boost your maximum by 1. You will almost always find a flask of vigor or health on each level.
Drinking from this flask will cause you to burst into flames. Generally speaking this is a bad thing.
The contents of this flask will drain you of your stamina. Try not to taste it during combat.
Doubles your melee damage for a few turns. Time the use of these wisely.
Temporarily makes you invisible to all enemies. Great for getting out of a sticky situation.

Other Equipment

You will find armor and weapons in the dungeon as well.
At this point in the game, armor doesn’t do much other than subtract potential damage from monster attacks.
You will find an increasingly deadly array of weapons in the dungeon. Some have special effects such as piercing (attacks an enemy behind your target), smashing (attacks all surrounding enemies), and stunning (stuns enemies 1/3rd of the time).
They don’t do anything I just wanted to have a game with hats!!
PS If you’ve read this far, e-mail me or make a comment and I will add your own personal hat to the game. 😉

Thanks for playing. Always happy to hear feedback, good and bad. And congratulations to all other 2014 7DRL participants.