RoboCaptain (2012 7DRL) Prototype

I put up a playable prototype here: 

It’s not a true “game” yet, but there is lots of “gameplay”. Only one (randomly generated) level, but I like the AI a lot. marines will keep their distance and apes will run right up and maul you.

For now the controls are: 
Movement – WASD
Rest / Pickup – SPACE
Cycle system – Q
Cloak/Uncloak – C
Shoot – Click
Melee Attack – Just bump into stuff, roguelike style

Q will cycle which sub-system is being charged. If you don’t want to charge anything, leave it on Power. 

Clicking on stuff in the inventory after you pick it up will use it (fuel cells), or equip it (rockets, melee weapons)

I think that’s it for now? I’m still on the fence about the cloaking.. it was not in my original design but I had an “invisible mode” for debugging and it was so much fun that I just made it part of the game, replacing the “engines” sub-system.

Obviously not finished but if you want to mess around with it I always love first impressions. The control system will probably change to numpad soon, so that you can move diagonally. I’ll also probably add a keyboard-only way to shoot stuff so you dont HAVE to use both keyboard and mouse.