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Dungeon Dual is back!

Dungeon Dual is back online! This was my 2014 7-Day Roguelike and probably my most popular successful 7DRL to date.

Unfortunately I lost the domain and a lot of the web pages for some of my old games earlier this year due to myself being a dummy. I was able to bring RoboCaptain and Heavy Axe back online relatively easily.

Since it has co-op multiplayer, Dungeon Dual was a little trickier. It's also entirely written in CoffeeScript, which I have not touched since switching to TypeScript a few years ago. There's also a WebSockets server that handles the back-and-forth between the two players.

In any event, after a long afternoon of hacking, the original 7DRL version is back online in all of it's... glory?

It definitely plays a bit rough, but I must say I was rather surprised at how fun it was. It was cool to see a lot of that old gameplay working again. (like banish! which is still insanely overpowered)

Version 0.55 - Tutorials and More

I've put the latest version (0.55) of Warning Call here.

The bulk of my time has been spent building a tutorial level. It's not done yet, but it's accessible from the start menu. More to come here - I've never written a tutorial before so it's an interesting challenge. All of the feedback I've gotten from the kind devs on r/roguelikedev has been helpful in seeing the game in a different light.

Major changes from the last version include:

  • Removed Targetbots (t) from the first level
  • Fixed bug where Empowering and Ammo-generating nanites would not allow power usages if you had zero charges.
  • Enforcing same hotkey press for powers & confirming target. This makes it easy to double-tap a hotkey when targeting quickly. This also allows you to return the Axe using the same key that you threw it with. (pro-tip: you can have more than 1 Axe power installed at once!)
  • Made sure Warp Beacons cannot be trapped behind impassable terrain
  • Gridbots (x) no longer get stuck in the wall when they explode out of a Xenobot (X)
  • Put the Power menu as the first line of the footer
  • Added the SEED # to the header (mostly for help in bug reporting, but eventually for game-sharing)
  • Spread out the guaranteed powers on the first level - the starting room was way too cluttered
  • Fixed mysterious game-crashing bug with 'empty' nanites spawning on the ground in deeper levels
Feel free to post comments, bugs, and feedback below, or on the reddit link above. Or e-mail me: todd AT (this domain).