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Hardpointe - How to play (so far)

You can play it here.


Hardpointe is a "medium" sized roguelike with a focus on tactical combat and movement. Managing a limited set of powers, upgrades, and items will be critical to your success.

Our Story So Far

Humanity is on the brink of annihilation. Ever since the robotic uprising of the late 1990s, humans have waged a bitter war against their would-be AI overlords. Many decades later, Earth is finally free of war, but elements of the robotic hordes have taken to space and have taken refuge in the asteroid belt.

For a time, many thought the robots dormant, or dead. But they were building. Utilizing self-replicating machinery, they turned countless asteroids into factories, crisscrossed with countless mazes and dungeon-like interiors. Some they turned into weapons, and began hurling them at Earth.

Only a few asteroids have penetrated Earth's defenses, but even these few have wiped out entire cities.

All efforts to attack and neutralize these strongholds have failed. Your mission is to succeed where others have failed. Infiltrate the asteroid, grab the AI Core, and bring it back safely. Your suit should be able to interface with any weapon systems that you find - human or robot. We cannot get close enough to reliably use our telewarp technology - so you will have to travel on foot. We may be able to link up to your suit at various beacon points. Look for warp crystals - the robots use them as much as we do.


WASD, Arrow Keys
Movement (4-directional)
Action (Wait, Pickup, Use Stairs, Activate)
1, 2, 3
Activate Power
eXamine (look around)
Heads Up Display
(cycle with movement keys)
Power Listing
(don’t really need this)

How to Play


For now, you can win by finding the "MacGuffin" and returning it to the exit that you started the game on. There are only 4 floors since the game is still rough and fairly unbalanced with all of the items and powers lying around.


You have limited health. (almost nothing in this game goes over 3) All attacks in the game do 1 damage, with one exception (a wall smash).


You have 3 power slots. You will come across powers during your mission - you can replace these with your current powers. You can also use them, dump them, and then go back and re-install your old powers. Some powers can be upgraded to make them more powerful. All powers come with a limited number of charges - but most are rechargeable.


You start with a shield power, but you don't need to keep it. Currently shields are pretty overpowered! When activated, you'll get 3 shield points added to your health. Eventually, some enemies may also have shields. Certain special EMP attacks can wipe out your shield.


You start with the dash power, which lets you move quickly across terrain to attack distant enemies. Just be careful putting yourself into harms way. Don't dash into a 2-hp enemy unless you've already hurt them - otherwise they are sure to attack you next turn.

Other Powers

There are a handful of other powers in the game at the moment - at varying degrees of usefulness. The Heavy Axe is a great ranged weapon. Cloak will make you temporarily invisible. Phasewalk will let you walk through walls (although not enemy fire - yet). Hack will turn enemies into allies.

Blasters (Weapons)

Blasters are weapons that take up power slots, but cannot be reloaded or recharged. They may have special effects like double damage, knockback, or stunning. 


You'll find lots of grenades lying around for some reason. You can carry them in your inventory and throw them. Some have special affects such as knockback, or stunning.


These are phials of tiny nanites. When thrown, they will begin to replicate and modify the surrounding terrain in mysterious ways. Some affects are beneficial to you, so be careful not to let your enemies take advantage of this. 


Forthcoming - you can use the HUD (z) or EXAMINE (x) to get an idea of what different enemies do. There are no 'vanilla' enemies.


Wall Smash

When you melee attack an enemy with a wall (or other solid terrain) behind them, your attacks will do 2 damage instead of one. This also works for dash attacks.


Any enemies with more than 2 health will leave wreckage behind. You can heave these into other enemies to do damage.

Blasters (Guns/Weapons)

You will find these one-off weapons during your mission. They are installed just like other powers, except they cannot be reloaded. Nothing stops you from swapping in a weapon (or two), using up all the ammo, and then swapping back. Great for taking out strategically difficult enemies.

Target Locks

Most ranged enemies require a target lock before they can fire. They will flash and turn a different color when they have targeted you. The HUD will also give them a special flag (shown below).

Unless stopped, they will fire and hit you on the next turn. You can interrupt this by making the enemy move, moving out of range, or destroying them.

Warp Crystals and Warp Beacons

You will find warp crystals scattered around the asteroid. These function both as fuel and encrypted locators for Warp Beacons. Using a Warp Beacon will always consume 1 crystal, and will not work unless you have one in your inventory.

Warp Beacons allow you to link back to home base, and acquire upgrades to your current powers. Or recharge them. You can also use them to restore health and also call in backup - home base will warp allies to your location. (currently they won't travel to different levels with you)

More to Come...