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Precipice - Sketch to Final Game

One thing that made this ProcJam different from other game jams was the amount of planning I did beforehand. Here's a sketch of what Precipice looked like before the jam:

And here's what I ended up with:

Pretty good, I think! Most of the powers are in there. I think when I was designing the game I didn't realize quite how quickly the abyss would swallow up the entire level. Because of this, certain features like the ground giving way underneath you even while resting (!!!) had to change. The 'grapple' ability was just too dangerous to use for adjacent monsters, so I turned it into a Teleport/Swap ability that works from anywhere in the map. This makes for a kind of cool situation where you can get yourself into a really dangerous spot, and then swap with an enemy and watch them fall, while you escape to safety.

Thank you to everyone who has played it so far -- I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the game! If you feel like dropping me a line with comments, bugs, suggestions, etc... please feel free!

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  1. Nice! I think some amount of pre-jam planning is essential because ideas need time to incubate, time you don't have during a jam since it's 1) short and 2) you're too busy actually implementing everything. Pre-jam planning was what made Cogmind a success back in 2012. How long did you spend thinking about the game in advance? With Cogmind I spent about 5-6 weeks messing around with ideas on paper in my spare time.