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RoboCaptain (2012 7DRL) - Day 1

I started late Saturday afternoon, got to this point by Sunday. I feel pretty good so far! (The basic engine I already had but I ripped out a lot of the guts)

What is RoboCaptain? The short version:
A tactical shooting-based roguelike with a powerful systems-management sub-game ala the old LucasArts X-Wing/TIE Fighter games.

I like my roguelikes to look like roguelikes so expect mostly-traditional look & feel; nothing crazy except for the power mechanic.

As for why there are monkies... they are leftover from the pirate game I was making they are escaped from the (evil) human science labs!!

Official rec.games.roguelike.dev post here.


  1. Damn. Game is looking really good already. I have been procrastinating and have not even started my 7DRL.

  2. Well.. still 5 or 6 to go, depending on when you started. That's plenty of time. :)

    I gutted an old game I had lying around as an engine, which helps a lot. (Unfortunately ended up pulling out more than I wanted but much better than starting from scratch.)