Heroic Fisticuffs!

Here's a place where I talk about games, applications, websites, and other things that I make for fun. Mostly roguelikes. And robots. Since my domain is hard to spell you probably came here on purpose.

New home

The you and what army devblog continues here on tumblr.

Expect more short form updates as the game goes from crappy pre-alpha to less-crappy beta. Also, a playable version soon, so drop a line if you are hard core enough to be an alpha tester.

Also if somehow an amazing 8-bit artist is reading this and wants to help that'd be great. I even might have some money to spend.

first sign of actual combat

It's nice when you can finally write a method called 'doActualGameStuff'. Only took about 2000+ lines of other javascript and python to get there...

Even More Progress

This is how development of this game has gone:
1. Start designing game element X (Google App Engine, Javascript, CSS, etc)
2. Oh crap.. I don't know as much about X as I thought!
3. Learn lots about X
4. Code some more
5. Find a new X... repeat


So, javascript is more of a bitch to learn than I thought, but I've made a ton of progress on the back-end and 'guts' of the game engine. See also: gridmangler.js.

Unfortunately, as you can see... it still looks like shit! :)

But... slightly better than it did before!