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Here's a place where I talk about games, applications, websites, and other things that I make for fun. Mostly roguelikes. And robots. Since my domain is hard to spell you probably came here on purpose.

You cannot get ye axe

Experimenting with google app engine, and using it to make a game.

The idea is to use this space as a devblog, and track the game through it's life-cycle. Judging from my previous gaming attempts, this life-cycle will be extremely short.

Here's the idea:
scribbly ye axe

It's sort of like the slow-form simple strategy (and backstabbing) of  Neptune's Pride...
Neptune's Pride
plus the dungeons and random potions and scrolls of nethack...

plus multi-player tactical gameplay ala shining force, or x-com, or GnomeSquad?? (just throwing it out there!)

Shining Force 2

plus the asynchronous nature of mobile games like wordfeud...
Plus... oh hey did I mention the backstabbing? Anyways, that's it for now. Hopefully this spot will show the game as it progresses from "back of a letter scribble" to "hey this is a cool game you can actually play". Wish me luck.

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