Heroic Fisticuffs!

Here's a place where I talk about games, applications, websites, and other things that I make for fun. Mostly roguelikes. And robots. Since my domain is hard to spell you probably came here on purpose.


My entry for this years 7DRL event.



  1. Damn. This entry looks like it is done already. Nice color bars on the side. Not sure what they are for. Hit points maybe?

  2. Thanks! But no, this screenshot is mostly for show. The underlying display engine is something I already had, but I ripped out most of the guts, including the turn tracking / AI / player interface stuff.

    Putting all that stuff back in to be used in a squad-based game is surprisingly difficult.

  3. Aha. Well then it sounds like you got a ways to go. I am writing my own display engine to gain experience with the JavaScript programming language. It seems to be a lot of figure out the math for 2 dimensional positions.